Each journey begins with the first step !!!


Welcome to the  Caucasus!!!

If you want the sea, the sun, the mountains and all at once, then you must come to Georgia.There is everything: high mountains, warm sea, people with a great heart.This is a country that cannot be understood, it can only be felt. From Russia to Azerbaijan, from Turkey to Armenia, almost 70,000 square kilometers.In Georgia, you can observe all 4 seasons at once: deep snow on the peaks, fog with rain and snow in the mountains, spring flowers in the foothills, and finally a hot summer among evergreen palm trees on the Black Sea in the subtropics. Here they still remember the Russian language and already understand what a European service is.

Armenia is also mysterious and attractive, incredibly tasty and pleasant, with wonderful people, nature and flowers.Between the five seas, in the middle of three lakes, around the huge two-headed mountain stretches the country of Ararat.Her whole story passed under the gaze of Ararat, against the backdrop of the majestic scenery, tragedies and exploits of her people. Many-faced Armenia, also called Noah's Land, will give an unforgettable impression under the discerning melody of the duduk.