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"Excursion tours offered by Borjomi office from Borjomi Palace"

(prices are only for guests staying at Borjomi Palace)

Name Attractions
Departure/ arrival
1 Secrets and legends of the Borjomi gorge
"Timotesubani" male monastery and the  church of Assumption of Virgin Mary with murals of the XII-XIII century,Eiffel bridge," Sadgeri" active women monastery with church of  St. George, church of Serafim Sarovsky. (min 5 people)
15:00/20:00 Mon 34.5 Gel
2 Rabat: integration of cultures A large medieval fortress and the merger of Christian, Jewish and Islamic cultures
15:00 / 19:00 23 Gel
3 Medieval fortress Rabat
Confluence cultures of Orthodox and Islamic religions. Mosque, minaret and madrasah of 18th century, Gregorian church, a synagogue, a historical museum. Castle is restored in 2011.
(min 5 people)

15:00 / 19:00 34.5 Gel 
8 Gel
4 House-Museum of I.Stalin 2-store museum building, in front of the museum is Stalin's house where he was born and lived up 4 years. Stalin's private railway saloon car. (min 5 people)  15:00 / 19:00 41 Gel   
15 Gel
5 Bakuriani
Actuaintance with ski resort of Bakuriani, climbing by cable car to a height of 810 to 2200 m above sea level. (min 5 people)

34.5 Gel 
6 Mtskheta & Tbilisi: two capitals of one country
Mtskheta: the main cathedral of Mtskheta, a large souvenir shop. Tbilisi - Sightseeing tours (Old Tbilisi: park in Europe, Fortress Narikala, Sioni Church and others), Shopping at the mall or the "Gold Exchange"
09:00 / 20:00 57.5 Gel    6 Gel    
7 The cave complex Vardzia
Cave city of the XIIth century is the legacy of queen Tamar and her father George III. More the 600 caves, 13 floors, amazing mural of queen Tamar. On the road medieval fortresses and watchtowers, is the birthplace of Shota Rustaveli. (min 5 people)
10:00 / 19:30 57.5 Gel
8 Gel
8 Abastumani
Swimming in the indoor thermal pools with weak radon water, t=40 degrees (be order - visit to observatory)(min 4 people)
15:00 / 19:00 41 Gel 
10 Gel
9 Hiking
Health hiking ecol tour to the Cross mountain. The lenght of the route 4 km , the car will take you to the beginning of the route and back. On the mountain there will be a halt. On request - ecol picnic.
(min 3 people)

15:00 / 19:00 41 Gel  
10 Hiking lake Kakhisi
Health hiking ecol tour to the high-altitude picturesque lake Kakhisi, witch is not even indicated on the Google maps (by order will be on horseback). The lenght of the route is 13 km, the instructor will accompany the group. From the hotel to the beginning of the route and back car will serve you. On request - ecol picnic. (min 3 people) 08:30/ 20:00 115 Gel
11 Black sea
A trip to the Black Sea. Batumi and local beaches, cable car, the Dolphinarium. (for car salon up to 5 people)
06:00 /  24:00 403 Gel
12 Rafting
Extreme water trip by boat on the river Kura accompanied by an instructor. The lenght of route is 9 km. (min 6 people)    11:00/14:00
92 Gel
13 Bicycle tour
Bike trip on the plains and mountain roads. (min 3 people)  10:30 / 17:00 98 Gel
14 Fishing
Fishing on the lake or river. The price depends on number of tourists that can be combined with a trip to Vardzia. (min 3 people)
from 75 Gel
15 Riding
Horseback riding on the Nature Reserve Borjomi -Kharagauli. Accompanied and without. The min time - 1 hour. The tour can be done individually ( up to 2 hours before the order)   52 Gel
29 Gel
16 Kutaisi-Kolkhida
Prometheus Cave/Kumistavi. National park Sataplia with relict forests, labyrinths of karst caves, fossilized footprints of dinosaurs (Mesozoic Era). Kutaisi. (for car salon up to 5 people)  10:30 / 20:00 403 Gel
35 Gel

 17 Cave town UplistsikheAncient cave city, which is one of the first in Georgia II-I BC. There is a church "Uplistsuli" (church of the Prince) in the territory. (min 4 people)  11:00 / 19:30

 58 Gel
6 Gel

 18 Transfer Tbilisi-Borjomi, Borjomi-Tbilisi
Kutaisi-Borjomi, Borjomi-Kutaisi
Batumi-Borjomi, Borjomi-Batumi and other directions.
The price depends on the number of tourists and direction.