Hiking from English "hike" (long walk, trekking) is a modern phenomenon that is developed in many places of the world. Often, hiking is a hike with recreational and cognitive purposes, which runs along well-equipped and well-marked routes, which allows you to choose your own route, its length, complexity and content and does not require special preparation and escort of the guide.

The highlight of our tours is that you completely "disconnect" from civilization, up to the point that there is no mobile connection on the lake and above. Enjoy the peace and quiet!

Pedestrian tourism is well developed both in Georgia and Armenia. You are waiting for amazing beauty!


(1 Route) 

The price of the tour is from 36$ (the price does not include accommodation and meals)


The car takes you from the hotel and takes you to the village of Chobiskhevi, from where the route begins, and will wait for you there to bring back to the hotel. The length of the route is 16 km (8 km uphill and 8 km back), the ascent starts from 850 m and reaches an altitude of 1,850 m above sea level at one of the most beautiful lakes in Georgia - Kahishi. There on the lake you can organize an eco-picnic and try the famous Georgian shish kebab before you start the descent (and also you can see how sour cream, butter, cheese is made according to ancient methods). Descent back to the village of Chobiskhevi. The whole road passes through untouched, pristine nature and forest, where you can see all the flora and fauna inherent in Georgia and enjoy the breathtaking view of the waterfall. This way you can go on foot (hiking) and on horseback. The route is accompanied by a qualified instructor-guide. Throughout the road there are many springs where you can get drunk with clean water. You can also go fishing on the lake. The same tour can be made extreme and difficult after going 8 km -11 km.


Price of the route:

1 person - 81 $ (per person)

Up to 3 people - 55 $ (per person)

Up to 6 people - 45 $ (per person)

Up to 12 people -  36 $  (per person)


If you want, you can make a shish kebab from a lamb by the lake. The price is 61 $

When ordering the same route on horses, the price of 1 horse in day  is  40 $






(2 Route) 

The price of the tour is from 26$ (the price does  not include accommodation and meals)


The car from the hotel takes you to the foot of the mountain near the fortress of Gogiassihe. From there climb to the mountain, which rises above Borjomi. From the end of the route the car will bring you back to the hotel. The road passes through the forest, and from the top of the mountain offers a wonderful view of the city and the Borjomi Gorge. The ascent starts from a height of 850 m, and the highest point is 1050 m. Duration 4 km.


Price of the route:

1 person – 49  $

Up to 3 people – 36 $

Up to 6 people – 26 $

When ordering individually, routes are organized for other directions and regions of Georgia.