Each journey begins with the first step !!!

We invite you to an unforgettable tour to Nagorno-Karabakh, in historical Artsakh !!!


2 nights / 3 days

You will see the fabulous beauty of nature, the greatness of temples and castles, feel the magical power of a wise country, try a simple, but refined cuisine and exclusive wine of the ancient people.

Prices for individual request.


Day 1

Meeting at the airport Zvartnots, transfer to the hotel. Welcome dinner or lunch at Pandok Yerevan or Old Zangezur (optional). Departure to Stepanakert - Nagorno-Karabakh.

Day 2

Breakfast. Survey of Stepanakert, Gandzasar and Shushi. Stepanakert is a city in Nagorno-Karabakh. Located at the foot of the eastern slope of the Karabakh Ridge, in the valley of the Karkarchai River. The city has a centuries-old history. Gandzasar - Armenian monastery, an outstanding monument of Armenian culture, the functioning monastery of the Armenian Apostolic Church. In Armenian popular tradition, the monastery received its name in honor of the name of the mountain, which the locals called Gandzasar, because of the silver mines (according to Armenian gandz - treasure, sar - mountain). Shushi is a city in Nagorno-Karabakh. Shushi was famous for its rich, cultural life, literature, music, architecture. In the city there were many different literary and musical societies. Departure to the city of Goris. Overnight in Goris.

Day 3

Breakfast. Survey of the city of Goris, monastery complex Tatev and Karaundzh. Goris is a city in the eastern part of Syunik marz (region). In the city there is the house-museum of Axel Bakunts, the archaeological and ethnographic museum, the Melik house (the 18th century), as well as the medieval cave settlement and the church. Tatev is a monastery complex of the 9th-10th centuries. According to the legend, "Tatev" is translated from Armenian as "Dost wings". It is said that after completing the work, the master builder rose to the edge of the gorge, crossed himself, said: "Lights, Sourb, that teve" ("May the Holy Spirit send wings!") - and rushed to the abyss. The wings grew with the master, he flew away, and the monastery he built was named Tatev. Karaunj (Zorats Karer) is an ancient megalithic complex located on a mountain plateau at an altitude of 1770 meters. There is no consensus about the age of the structure. Some estimates indicate that the complex was built no later than the third millennium BC, others estimate the complex from 5.7 thousand to 2 thousand BC. E. It is also called "Armenian Stonehenge". Return to Yerevan and transfer to the airport.