Every journey begins with the first step !!!



4 nights / 5 days

We invite you to an exciting journey into history, to feel like astronomers of ancient times, inhabitants of the most ancient cities, to see the city older than the "Eternal City". 

Prices for individual request.


Day 1

Meeting at the airport Zvartnots, transfer to the hotel. Welcome dinner or dinner at the Pandok Yerevan or Old Zangezur, at your choice.

Free time.

Day 2

Breakfast. Inspection Erebuni - the ancient city of the state of Urartu, the ruins which are located on the Arin-Berd hill in Yerevan. Matenadaran is a scientific- the research center, which is one of the largest manuscript repositories in the world and the largest repository of ancient Armenian manuscripts. The word "matenadaran" in Armenian means a repository of manuscripts. Karmir blur is a hamlet in the west of Yerevan, on the left bank of the Hrazdan River. At Karmir-Blur, there are remains of ancient settlements, including the Urartu fortress town of Teishebaini.

Day 3

Breakfast. Departure to Sevan. Vishapakar (sevkar) - stones in the form of fish, which stood at the shores of lakes and at the sources of rivers. In translation means "dragon stones".

Areni is a village in the south of Armenia, there is a complex of caves. Armenian archaeologists have discovered in the Areni cave complex one unique find - the burial of perfectly preserved people (adults and children) of the Eneolithic period. Also found a shoe. According to the results of radiocarbon analysis, the artifact dates back to 3600-3500. BC. Shoes are sewn from one single flap of leather (presumably cattle) and is the oldest leather shoe in the world. Departure to Goris (overnight)

Day 4

Breakfast. Karaunj (Zorats Karer) is an ancient megalithic complex,

It is located on a mountain plateau at an altitude of 1770 meters. It is called the "Armenian Stonehenge". Ukhtasar is a sacred mountain. It is one of the most important archaeological finds of Armenia. Return to Yerevan.

Day 5

Breakfast. Departure to Armavir. Matsamor is an ancient city in Armavir. On the territory of the city there were settlements in the period from the V millennium BC. Before the XVIII century AD. Oshakan is in the Aragatsotn region. In the center of Oshakan stands the church of St. Mesrop Mashtots. Under the altar of the church is the grave of Mesrop Mashtots, the creator of the Armenian alphabet. Zvartnots is the temple of early medieval Armenian architecture. In 2000, the ruins of the temple and the archaeological territory surrounding it are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Airport transfer.