How, whence and why...

  The travel company "B.P. tour" opened on March 25, 2016. The idea of opening the tour company was a long time ago, since both the head and all employees in this business are not the first year. By combining all our skills and knowledge, we created a new concept that should lead to a new level of service and to new directions in tourism.

The abbreviation "B.P" means "the best partner" and this is the main credo of the company, which reflects our efforts to be the best partners, both for tour operators and travel agencies, and for ordinary clients - dear guests.The motto of the company reads "Profitable! Enjoyable! Reliable!" And our employees, realizing the importance of the motto, will make every effort to make your vacation the most profitable, unspeakably enjoyable, incredibly reliable. 

The company has a representative office in Armenia and thus offers the most popular product in the tour industry: two wonderful countries in one round.We have unique tours that will satisfy the most refined needs of the guests.

Also, "B.P.tour" offers services of qualified guides (languages: Russian, English, Chinese, German and French). 

     "B.P. tour " will answer the most important questions:

   * Which cities, temples, historical places are worth visiting

   * Where you can eat deliciously

  * How is it more profitable to arrive in the country (by ferry, airplane,e. t. c.)

   * What to take with you as souvenirs

    We are waiting for you, our Best Partner.


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